My Daily Go-To

I must admit, I’m a big ‘news’ person. I constantly scour news sites like CNN, NYTimes, and a bunch of other sites that contain news that peaks my interest. One of these sites are This isn’t exactly a news site, its more like a forum for stories that are both mainstream and not. Here, you’ll find forums based on science & technology, current events & politics, conspiracy theories, reports on bigfoot sightings, and one of my favorite areas… ALIENS! Members generally start topics with reliable sources to back up their claims, but you’ll occasionally get the attention seekers who aren’t very hard to spot. This site has a large amount of intellectual truth seekers, who have no problem bringing attention to things happening in the world, that may tarnish the reputations of those who truly wish to speak out on such matters. Interestingly, the site has experienced coincidental technical difficulties in the past when certain articles are posted, and a few members have reported harassment from TPTB (The Powers That Be). I’d highly recommend this site to those who hold certain curiosities ^^


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