Best Day Ever

Here is a video about my best day ever, enjoy!


One thought on “Best Day Ever

  1. This digital story is extremely well done!! I appreciated many of the elements within it. For example, the opening statements in the story, the ones about dreams, are very powerful and set up what is to come in the rest of the story well. I think it was great that you went through the entire day, telling us in detail what made that day so special: the weather, having extra money, the girlfriend, the movie, etc. The pictures of different people and different moments were well suited with what you were narrating. That being said, I really like your tone of voice through the entire story. The calmness with which you describe the accident is ironic and powerful. The music is also well chosen. It strikes me as not being happy, but not being said either. It is powerful in how the beat continues to repeat. The title “Best Day Ever” is ironic; your best day ever is the day that you lived and learned how to appreciate life. That is an extremely powerful message!

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